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Q: How Do I Take Care Of My Jewellery?


Jewellery Care

Buy it today, love it forever.

When you buy jewellery from us you've got something special. Many of our pieces are one of a kind, hand crafted and unique. Follow our advice and take care of your precious pieces so they'll look good for a lifetime.

General Jewellery Care

Storage: Don't leave your jewellery jumbled in a drawer, store it carefully in the box it came in.

Dress for the occasion: You wouldn't wear a silk dress to go to the gym, do the gardening or clean the bathroom, so please, do give your jewellery the same respect! Avoid exposing it to hard knocks, abrasive surfaces and chemicals. Also be careful not to spray hairspray, alcohol or oil based perfumes near silver, plated metal, or any jewellery with porous stones.

Keep it clean: A regular wash in warm soapy water will keep things sparkling.

Silver Jewellery

All silver jewellery will naturally tarnish and oxidise over time. Any slight blackening can be removed using warm water, washing-up liquid and a soft toothbrush. 

More persistent tarnish can be remedied with a silver polishing cloth for polished items or 'Silver Dip' if your jewellery has a matt finish. Always refer to the manufacturing instructions as silver dip can damage some stones and plated or enamel finishes. 

Be extra careful to avoid contact with chemicals such as peroxide, chlorine or sulphur as they discolour silver. 

If you are finding it difficult to get the results you want or are unsure how to deal with tarnishing, pop in to one of our shops for some advice. If necessary we can even send jewellery for professional cleaning in our workshop.

Precious Metal Jewellery

Precious metals can be cleaned simply using warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush. 

These metals retain their colour, but you should bear in mind that the finish will alter with wear. A polished finish will loose its high shine over time, and a matt finish will become more shiny. 

We offer a free annual refinish on all of our jewellery to restore its original look.

Gemstone Jewellery

Keep gem set jewellery sparkling with regular cleaning using warm soapy water and a toothbrush. This removes any soapy or oily build up from hand cream. 

For more intensive refurbishment hard gemstones such as diamond, ruby and sapphire can be cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner. This is not recommended for emeralds or other softer gemstones. 

To avoid stones becoming loose, or worse still being lost, we strongly recommend the settings on all gem set rings are checked by one of our qualified goldsmiths annually. We are happy to offer this service as part of our complimentary annual refinish and clean. 

Take care when you wear diamonds, they may be hard but they are not indestructible, and a hard knock can chip or fracture your stone. Softer stones can be easily scratched and should only be used for occasional wear. 

Exposing jewellery to extreme temperatures can cause damage particularly if the item contains a bonded stone or enamel, so no saunas or snowball fights please!

Pearl Jewellery

Pearl jewellery should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. 

Their beautiful glow can be damaged by chemicals including hairspray, perfume, cosmetics, sun block, chlorine, vinegar and ammonia. If it's possible you should allow 30 minutes after applying perfume or other cosmetics before putting on your pearls. 

Pearls are also sensitive to the natural acids in perspiration so never wear them whilst exercising. 

Wipe over your pearls with a soft, damp cloth after each wearing to remove body oils and dirt. They may also be washed occasionally using a mild soap and a soft cloth, before rinsing in clean water and gently blotting dry with a cotton towel. Never, ever use jewellery cleaners containing ammonia or vinegar. 

Store pearls wrapped in a soft cloth or in a soft lined box away from other hard items of jewellery that could damage their surface. 

Pearls need moisture so don't store them in air-tight containers, and in very dry atmospheres you'll need to leave a damp cloth nearby to provide moisture and prevent cracking. 

Depending on how often your pearls are worn we recommend having them restrung every 1-2 years, which is a service that we at Justice can organise for you.


Q: How Do I Take Care Of My Watch?

Watch Care

Justice sell quartz, automatic and hand-wound watches in a number of different finishes, and guidance on looking after your specific model will be given in the accompanying booklet that is provided with your watch purchase, but generally speaking, the following information will help you keep your watch tip top and ensure its long and happy life!


All watches should be kept in their original box when not being worn, to avoid damage, or in a specially-designed watch winder, if desired. 

As with jewellery care, do avoid exposure to chemicals, either as through some occupations or just everyday ones such as perfume, household cleaning products, body lotions etc. A metal bracelet will quickly become dirty and discoloured if grease and grime is allowed to build up, and a leather strap will certainly wear and discolour if exposed to even minimal chemical contact. The body's own natural oils will cause a leather strap to take on a different patina, but how quickly will depend on the finish of the strap and the degree of contact it has with contaminants. 

A wipe over with a damp soft cloth will assist on keeping things clean, including the watch case and glass. 

Any superficial scratches made to the watch can usually be polished out and made good, and of course, the glass can be replaced, but all will depend on the specific finish and material so do pop in with the watch for guidance if you do have a repair of this nature.

Battery Replacement

Quartz batteries on average have a lifespan of around 24 months, and we can arrange for a specialist service centre, approved by the watch manufacturer, to ensure that this simple job is carried out quickly and professionally, with all water-tight seals being checked after having the watch case opened.

Watch Servicing

We can obtain an estimate for you pertaining to the model, age and style of your watch for the cost of a service and any additional work which may be required, to ensure that your quality timepieces are kept in good working order and may continue to do so for hopefully many generations.

Customer Liability - Watch Repair

Justice takes great care when handling watches and we are confident that our workshop are first class and can be fully trusted to carry out a professional service, however, we cannot accept responsibility for any customers own watches that may sustain damage during workshop repair and handling.

Our Repair centres and workshops will charge a Return Undone Fee (normally £35) if a quote they have given is rejected and the item is requested to be returned by the customer. This is to cover their processing and accessing work.

All dates quoted are estimates and liable to change. Justice will endeavour to keep all changes to a minimum and inform the customer where possible. 

Customer Liability - Jewellery Repair

Justice takes great care when handling pieces and we are confident that our goldsmiths are first class craftsmen and can be fully trusted to carry out a professional service, however, we cannot accept responsibility for any customers own jewellery that may sustained damage during workshop repair and handling.

All dates quoted are estimates and liable to change. Justice will endeavour to keep all changes to a minimum and inform the customer where possible.