Shaun Leane – The Making Of the ‘Jawbone’ For Alexander McQueen Back In 1998

Shaun Leane ‘Jawbone’ Video

We are coming up to being only a week away from our Shaun Leane event on the 19th, of November and here is another glimpse into why Shaun’s work is timeless.

Video Transcript:

“The jaw bone is one of those great examples of how working with lee things would evolve in a show and how you would get excited about a concept, an idea and come up with different ideas and how it would grow. The Skeleton Corset was already on way and being made, I had carved the vertebrae and the ribs and things were being cast, but then, as I looked more and more into researching bones and finding resins of bones like medical skeletons, I then came across a jaw bone and just playing with it, looking at it and studying it I actually put it up against my face and it looked really powerful on the outside, so I then approached Lee and said we have the Skeleton Corsets on the girls why don’t we have the Jaw Bones on the guys? He loved the idea, so thats how it began, so then we went back to the drawing board and we carved Jaw Bones in wax.. We did two versions actually a Female and a Male, so if you look closely some are more broader and heavier and some are finer. I cast them in aluminium and I made two fittings, like the reverse of the glasses to clip around the back of the ear, because again with my work with lee it was all about optical illusion. I wanted the Jawbone to look like it was part of the model!”  Shaun Leane 2015


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