Favre Leuba & Justice


When Favre-Leuba first hit our doors about a month ago, we had to do a little bit of research. The company have been around for over 200 years and made amazing advancements for diving technology and watch design, so we’d heard of them, but we wanted to know who they were now, so that we could firstly be sure they were the right fit for us, and so we could communicate the information to all of our lovely customers. Thankfully, they were the right fit for us and they’ve made an excellent addition to our family, fitting well into our eclectic collection of the unique and strange.

The great thing about Favre-Leuba is that they have perfectly married well thought out design with functionality, and their focused approach has delivered watches that are first and foremost legible and helpful for everyday as well as more extreme conditions where a glance is all you have time for. “Conquering Frontiers” are the words that accompany the brand because that’s exactly what they and their ethos encourage you to do; conquer the frontiers of your life, with the security of the right companion on your wrist. Freedivers and mountaineers will find pieces specifically created to keep them safe and serve them in extreme conditions, while the timeless design components mean that the pieces are wearable for the average everyday as well.

A company with so much history and range of choice can be somewhat daunting so we’ve put together this blog post to guide you through the different collections.

The Raider Harpoon

The Harpoon’s clean and simple design expels the possibility of you misreading it while diving; with one hand used to keep track of the minutes, the most important information for a diver, and the luminous ring around the outside of the face telling you the hours. The idea is simple, but unique to Favre-Leuba, and a great example of how this brand understands their customers. Beyond its use as a diving watch the Harpoon is striking and interesting, perfect for the watch collector interested in the unusual, or someone looking for something designed to make a statement!

The Raider Deep Blue

Another diving watch with a more conventional design is The Deep Blue, part of the Raider collection; available in a range of colours and styles, this watch is water-resistant up to 300m and as reliable as any of Favre-Leuba’s other models, designed with the adventurous diver in mind!

The Raider Sea Bird

This particular collection is aimed at women, with two smaller sizes - 34mm with a quartz movement or a 37mm with an automatic movement - available. The Sea Bird is probably the most wearable design that Favre-Leuba offers, as it doesn’t offer the range of functionality of the other watches; perfect for someone who is a fan of the style of the Favre-Leuba and wants durability but is not looking for a diving or climbing companion.

Bivouac 9000

The Bivouac 9000 is the first mechanical wristwatch capable of measuring altitudes of up to 9000 metres above sea level. Inspired by it’s 1962 counterpart that could reach up to 3000 metres above sea level, this watch is both a homage to the past and a leap into the future for the brand and for the technical possibilities of watches.

Sky Chief Date & Chronograph

The Sky Chief Date & Chronograph collections are all about classic design themes coming together to create watches that are subtle and timeless, while making a statement. The range of colours and styles available in this collection have been carefully selected so that each piece delivers the same message; we are what we do, but we can look good doing it. For the adventurers who want to conquer the world just to appreciate the view, not shout about it.

So there we have it!

With such a wide range of choices that are all created under the umbrella of reliability and great design, we think there’s something for everyone within this brand, but as is the case with any kind of investment, as a good watch should be, you’ve got to see it to properly believe it! Have a look online for the full range, or pop in store to see the pieces in person; you won’t be disappointed!