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In the begining......

As passionate now as we were when we started.

Core Principals

  1. Service, Service, Service

    We pride ourselves on offering the highest levels of service. To be informative and educational where required but never patronising nor pompus.

  2. Innovation & Design

    Being surrounded by the work of so many vibrant British designers adds additional inspiration 

  3. Quality Production

    By employing both traditional workshop skills and modern production processes; handmaking silver prototypes or 3D printing through cutting edge CAD technology, we find the best and most appropriate path to deliver the highest possible quality within a realistically affordable process.

What makes Justice special

    • briefcase

      Taking Care of Business.

      Proud to offer more .  Very much the eclectic styling of English eccentric, homely charm Coffee, or wine, private consultation in the first floor Champagne Lounge. Previews of new designer ranges, rototype watch launches or charity hosting for outside businesses, Justice is delighted to be more than your high street jewellers, we genuinely offer a Lifestyle 

    • bullhorn

      A lot to Shout About Us.

      Lifestyle, Farnborough Airshow, Duxford Airshow, Movie premiers, Fine dining and wine tasting, Motoring events. Theatre and Opera, supporting the local Arts and Charities...

    • camera-retro

      Award Winning Designers.

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    • clock-o

      Swiss Watches

      Swiss says quality in automatic production, but as ever velit dapibus a. Donec libero elit, sollicitudin vel imperdiet id, venenatis vel mi. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Quisque viverra, felis vel pharetra pharetra, leo lacus tempor ex, semper tempus tortor nibh nec tortor.

    • globe

      Fair Trade

      Fair trade gold and ethically sourced diamonds  Kimberly process means all diamonds can be traced to source.

    • cogs

      Commissions and Remodeling.

      Bespoke jewellery designed for you. Our talented designers can work to create a unique piece to your individual specifications. We'll discuss your ideas and budget and work together to make your vision a reality.As well as taking commissions for bespoke jewellery our skilled jewellers can transform heirloom pieces or broken jewellery into something stylish and wearable that's just your style. Let us re-model your pieces - we will look at the stones and settings and discuss all the options with you to come up with a specially tailored design that gives your old jewellery new life.

Meet the Justice Team

  • Jon Quayle founded the business.

    I started Justice nearly twenty years ago and we now have our flagship shop in the heart of Winchester. It was a natural progression from time spent buying silver jewellery in the Far East, bringing it back to sell at Camden market to fund my travels. Though the wanderlust has dimmed, my eye for jewellery still burns brightly. Jewellery is more than metal and stones, it's an artistic expression, an evocative memory, a statement, a promise. 

    My aim is to bring together a collection of exceptional designers so you can have jewellery that does you Justice.

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  • Our Team take pride....

    With over one thousand years of jewellery experience between them our team of astraunaughts and cage fighters are her to wrestle with your jewellery needs to hone and refine you needs and desires and deliver a jewellery expirience that will take you out of this world

    Buy it today, love it forever.

    When you buy jewellery from us you've got something special. Many of our pieces are one of a kind, hand crafted and unique. Follow our advice and take care of your precious pieces so they'll look good for a lifetime

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