Spring Greens

For most people Green is a colour that symbolizes life, growth, health and prosperity. Right now is a particularly auspicious time to add some green gemstone jewellery to your collection because not only is it Spring the season of growth and new life but 2012 is also the Chinese Year of the Dragon and it is believed to be particularly lucky to wear something green this year.

Green gemstones are particularly used to represent the upcoming month of May; Emerald is the traditional birthstone for this month. The striking bright green colour of this precious stone has made it a popular choice throughout the history of jewellery. Did you know that most of the Emeralds we see in historical pieces of jewellery would have come from the minesof  Cleopatra in Ancient Egypt?

Missoma Vermeil and Crysoprase Deco Earrings

The modern semi- precious birthstone for May is Chrysoprase. This unusual stone has a beautiful, translucent apple green colour and may be less familiar to us than Emeralds but was widely used and appreciated by the Ancient Greeks and Romans.

If you’re looking for something special to commemorate a May birthday we have lots of great pieces in store, including these stunning Missoma earrings set with vivid green cabochon Chrysoprase. The design team from Missoma share our love of gemstones and vivid colours, which are used to great effect throughout their collections. Missoma designs are a great choice whatever your favourite gemstone might be.

Mayan costume featured in scene from ‘Apocalypto’

Another green gem we love is Jade, a popular choice with the ancient Mayans as a rare and valued commodity; it was worn as a sign of wealth and importance. In Mayan culture the gem was prized not only for its beauty, but also as a stone of great symbolic importance associated with life and death.  Jade was carved to create a variety of body adornments including teeth inlays!

What’s your favourite green gemstone?





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