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Weddings capture a unique and special moment in each person’s life, and for such an occasion, often men don’t always have much choice when it comes to their wedding ring, or don’t think a lot about what they want. Here at Justice we have noticed this and have created a collection exclusive to us, of wedding bands which go against the norm, presenting men with countless options. We seek to design rings which are not only unique but also personal to our each of our customers.

This collection is split into three sections: Concrete, Pebble and Organic.



Inspired by nature, these rings have been created by letting the metal naturally form its shape, creating natural ridges and indents allowing the ring to fit naturally within the curves of the finger. It’s undulant quality, emulates an effortless design.



Mirroring the qualities of its name, these rings have a rougher surface, making them more robust. The uneven shape of these rings is intensified compared to the organic range, creating unique imperfections. The wearing of these rings adds to it’s life long finger print.


Encompassing the refreshing nature of the ocean with its Smoothed and shaped by the qualities of a pebble, these rings imitate their perfect silk like curved body, brushed with a satin finish.


These wedding bands are made to order, allowing our customers to have the freedom to mix and match, catering to each person’s preferences, deciding on the width of the band, metal and finish. Our sample rings show just a few combinations. We offer these wedding bands in Palladium, Platinum and 9 and 18ct White Gold, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold. Additional stones and engraving can be added to make the ring extra personal and unique for such a special occasion. If your partner’s ring is dissimilar to yours we can add in a stone which matches their engagement ring on the interior or exterior of the band, adding a personal element to your purchase.


Although these rings are initially inspired by male wedding bands, they are loved by women too. The occasion doesn’t always have to be your wedding; we’ve had plenty of customers who use the purchase of these rings as commemorations of important anniversaries or events in their own or their partner’s lives!

If you are interested and would like a closer look, just pop into store. Alternatively, you can get in touch by telephone or email if you would like to book an appointment and discuss your options further.

Pop into store to have a closer look or alternatively click on the link here.





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