The Twinkle collection by Dower & Hall has lived up to its intention of being a revamp of their older stacking rings while also offering completely new pieces of jewellery that complement the rings perfectly and still being unique enough to stand out on their own; basically, we’re really excited about it and think it’s exactly what our customers are interested in!

The combination of delicate, well-crafted jewellery with slightly unorthodox and quirky designs means that this collection really is both classic and modern. We’ve recently added pieces like the 5 Hammered Disc Necklace and the Twinkle Chain bracelet onto our website which are great examples of how D&H has really pushed forward their design with this collection while still creating pieces that are subtle, sophisticated and timeless.


(Also we’re offering an exclusive discount code to certain email subscribers but I thought I’d throw it in here anyway – enter ‘DH10’ in your bag before checkout to get 10% off.)