Here at Justice we try to stock brands that showcase the best of Britain in every way, from quality to innovativeness; we feel that Galley has proved that she is at a high level in these and other ways, not just through her many awards and public recognition but also from her continued efforts to push and grow her designs.

Rachel Galley’s contemporary style has drawn a lot of attention and awards throughout her years in the industry; her pieces have adapted seamlessly from catwalk to catalogue and we’ve seen her direction broaden and grow to reach new heights in the last year.

Our customers have responded well to Galley’s products due to how wearable they are while still being so different from other things on the market. This restock has brought in new pieces from her Allegro, Globe and Ocean line, while bringing back many popular favourites from before that we know our customers are going to be so excited about!



To celebrate this refresh of an old favourite we are offering our customers a 10% discount; just use the code GALLEY10 in your Bag on any Rachel Galley products by Sunday 6th to get the deal!