Pearls themselves are so interesting because of how natural and different from one another they can be; how can you make sure that every pearl is perfect for your piece?

Claudia lists four necessary attributes that need to be analysed before picking a pearl; lustre, surface quality, shape and colour. Ultimately what is so interesting about pearls is that striving to use beautiful pearls does not necessarily mean striving for perfection; pearls often have natural imperfections, marked with pits and bumps that are actually often desirable because they show that the pearls are real.

What struck us the most specifically about Claudia’s work with pearls when she joined us at Justice was how she’s managed to capture the classic, timeless look of pearl jewellery, creating pieces that you can imagine having been worn in different generations before us as well as in times to come, while also creating pieces that are modern, edgy and stand out from anything you’ve ever seen before. And what’s most interesting and skilful about Claudia’s work is how effortlessly these different pieces fit together. Her pieces don’t turn their back on the more traditional perception of pearl jewellery but rather embrace the tried and tested, and then push their boundaries.

At Justice we’re used to designers with a flair, that’s exactly what we want out of the products that we offer, and we think Claudia’s perfect for our family here because of how unique her designs are; as well as this, she’s based in Hampshire, which is always a plus! This means we can hopefully work closely together and that we’re supporting a local brand, something we really believe in doing as much as possible!