Our bespoke services give you the chance to be a part of the process of creating beautiful and unique jewellery inspired by you! Maybe you have an old heirloom that needs revamping or have seen a Hollywood star wearing a piece of jewellery you’d love to recreate? Maybe you want to surprise your partner or make your wedding rings extra special? 

We’ve had many happy customers who have created pieces for weddings, birthdays, commemoration of a loved one or to rework old pieces; each project is exciting and unique to each customer and all the more special because of your input!

















The possibilities are endless and we’re always up for a challenge; because we’re a smaller company we can really focus on each individual commission and regularly communicate with you to make sure everything is perfect!

First we’ll sit down with you and a glass of champagne and talk about what you want out of this piece; we’ve done this many times before – pretty successfully if we do say so ourselves - so we can answer any initial questions you have at this point! 

Depending on which direction you want to go in for your piece we can then go on to create some sketches of the different ideas we’ve discussed, or if it’s more appropriate we could get a CAD design made up for you, or go really old school and have a silver model of your piece created. This will give you a better idea of what the finished piece will look like and give us a chance to narrow down a final design with you.       

Our in store designers are experienced and skilled in providing a range of choices for you to pick from to help fully explore your choices and eventually narrow everything down to the perfect piece!

After everything has been decided we will send it off to our workshop to be made! We’ll keep you updated during this time as to when you can pick up your new bespoke piece in store and are always available to answer any questions throughout the week, via email or over the phone! After we’ve handed it over it’s also good to remember we offer a range of services in case your piece ever needs cleaning or looking over.


Our bespoke service is an excellent way to get something that isn’t around as much anymore; something unique. Trends will come and go and different pieces sometimes will eventually go into retirement but something that you’ve put your own touch on will always mean a little bit more to you or your loved ones; this is why we really recommend the service and put so much of our effort into making sure it is a comfortable and successful experience every single time.