Unlike most MeisterSinger models, the single hand of the Salthora does not show the hours, but the minutes. The passing of the hours is displayed in the form of a digit that appears in a small window at “12 o’clock,” jumping to the next hour every 60 minutes. This little embellishment is made possible with a great deal of mechanical sophistication, considering the jump needs to take place punctually, at lightning speed, and with great accuracy. It is quite an experience to behold. A limited edition of 100 Salthora timepieces, the “Salthora transparent,” now provides an insight into the mechanical secret of the punctual, accurate jumping hour. The transparent hour disc with its imprinted, vibrant hour digits contributes to the technical character of this special model – and also to the fact that the owner soon grows to love the fascinating ritual of anticipating the exact moment of the jumping hour with its ingenious technology.