How did you become a Bremont ambassador & what made you decide to take up the opportunity?

Bremont have always been hugely integral to the world of Adventure, and I had always been aware of their support of my colleagues in the industry. With their move both into the world of Sailing, and also with their new female range, the fit seemed obvious. But beyond that it’s really important to me that the brands I work with not only fit my profile, but also work well together. As a true, pioneering British brand, with such passion from Co-founders Giles and Nick, the partnership to me was a wonderful missing piece of a puzzle.


What is your favorite Bremont watch?

Can I say all…? Day to day I wear the AC I. It is such a beautiful, elegant, but insanely durable timepiece. My AC I has had an absolute battering but it is still immaculate. I bought my husband an ALT 1 for his wedding present, and it makes me smile every time I see it.


Out of all of the regattas, races and challenges you have faced which has been the most memorable for you?

There are two. The first was my second solo trans-Atlantic race. After an unsuccessful first attempt the 2nd effort was the culmination of a very tough but important lesson. That you must never give up. I crossed the finish line after a tough, textbook crossing in 2nd place. That was a 3-week trip I will never ever forget. The 2nd was a holiday – a trip up to Everest Base Camp with my boyfriend, who when we got the top became my Fiancé and is now my husband!


What type of jewellery do you find yourself leaning towards? For example are you always drawn to gold pieces or do you find yourself with a jewellery box full of earrings!

I love jewellery – it can totally make (or break) an outfit.  I cannot function without a pair of earrings in – generally always studs of some sort, unless I’ve got a posh do! I was always sure that I would be a silver girl but fashions have changed and I love gold at the moment. You can never have too much jewellery but generally I have my favorites. A pair of pearl studs, a stunning gold and silver tiny compass which sits on a chain around my neck, and then some big, bold and sparkly for the evening.



What would you recommend at a grassroots level for someone wanting to become the next Hannah White?

Make sure it is your passion, as with a lot of jobs there is a lot of sacrifice, a lot of hard graft, unglamorous hours – which are all manageable if you love what you do, because believe me there will be times when you wonder why you didn’t chose to work in a coffee shop! If it is your passion, if you couldn’t imagine another life, then never, ever give up. Push through failure, at a dead end find another way. Remember to get from A to B, you sometimes have to go via a lot of other letters to get there!


If you were able to meet your former self what advise would you give to her?

Film more video, take more pictures, and write more diaries. Memories fade. And it’s important to keep a record of where you have been and most importantly how far you have come. Especially during hard, frightening, tiring times. These are the times when it’s easy not to bother. But these are the most important times to document.


If you were able to meet any influential person (dead or alive) who would you choose and why?

Margaret Thatcher. Whether you believe in some of her decisions, motives, or morals, she was a remarkable women. She knew everything there was to know about being a women in a mans world, about pressure, and about making hard, hard decisions and about not always being popular. Anyone who can handle that gets my full respect. I think she was truly remarkable, as was her partnership with her husband, Dennis.


In times of adversity what helps you to stay focused and determined?

The dream, always the dream. But it’s important to break down the adversity into bite size pieces. t’s really easy to create obstacles or be overwhelmed, and unable to really visualize how it’s all going to work out. I was once stuck up the mast in the middle of the Atlantic. I cried, and all I could think about was how I was going to finish the race while I was stuck up the mast, but ultimately none of that helped, it just meant I was up there longer. All that helped was focusing on the end goal, in that case it was getting down safely and getting on with getting the job done.


Sport and engineering are often dominated by would you encourage and inspire young women to triumph in this competitive environment?

Dominated by, but not exclusive to – we all aim to be in a gender irrelevant world, and as women, pushing on with our dreams in whatever field, will help us get closer to that. Don’t be put off by the women in a man’s world tag. In my experience, I have only ever been blessed by the support from all my colleagues, both male and female. There will always be people who try and stand in your way, or criticize your choices, but for every one of those, there will be plenty of supporters willing you on every step of the way!!


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