Johnny Rocket

The Return of Johnny Rocket

Justice are delighted to announce the return of the reputable Johnny Rocket

Johnny Rocket is a contemporary designer whose quirky and unique jewelllery makes for the ultimate statement piece! Johnny's jewellery has truly excelled in the fashion and music industry where he has worked alongside huge names such as Gucci, Owen Gastor, Kyllie Minogue, Jamiroqui and The Darkness (to name a few!). Just to add to that impressive list, some more creative collaborations include Coca Cola/Selfridges with the Diet Coke Crystal Collection, Fender’s 60th Birthday “Born to Rock” and Stephen Jones/Snow Queen Vodka. Johnny's jewellery pieces are all rather eccentric and possess a real flare for Rock'N'Roll. 

Johnny has remained off the radar in recent times but he is back with a vengenace and back with a BANG! After launching and making a name for himself in 2005 with his Johnny Rocket jewellery boutique in London, where he developed a reputation for his fine craftsmanship, he has returned with a brand new identity ready to shake up the jewellery world. 

Justice are over the moon to be hosting Johnny's amazing and (did we mention?) brand spanking new, highly sought after jewellery range "Swallows". Johnny's retro range "Space" and "Renascimento Rose" are also making a comeback!

Be warned, Johnny's jewellery is not for the faint hearted, it is edgy and fun with a hint of punk rock.