I hope you are well and looking forward to the festive season ahead!

It comes around so quickly and as you know at Justice we always like to be the first to open the bubbles…. Any excuse to indulge our customers and add a little Christmas sparkle to your lives.

Let's kick start Christmas with a special champagne showcase on Friday 18th November 2016 at 6pm.

Winter Wonderland at Justice will consist of three floors filled with the best of British Designers. Many of these will be here in person, ready to help make your Christmas dreams come true.

Our beautifully hand-crafted watches will be on display.  You will be able to appreciate the intricate work that goes into creating the perfect timepiece. During this special event you can view a watch being assembled as it ticks its way towards Christmas Eve.

Enjoy incentives on the night and get your Christmas shopping finished, away from the crowds whilst relaxing in the company of your favourite designers.

We can’t wait to see you so please let me know if you are able to attend.

If there is a special item that you have fallen in love with over the year and would like to see under your Christmas tree on Christmas morning, please do not hesitate to let me know. 

We will try and make sure we have it here for the event. We are also available for private consultations so let Davina know if you would like to book an appointment to discuss your requirements.

If you are unable to attend, don’t be too disappointed, we are extending the festivities over the weekend so please come and visit us anytime Saturday or Sunday between 10-4 pm.

We look forward to hearing from you,


RSVP  events@Justice.co.uk 

or contact Davina davina@justice.co.uk  01962 859598